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You don't have to do this alone

Be supported during your IVF journey, pregnancy loss and marriage

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Hi, I'm Priyanka Bhatia, Certified Fertility Counsellor & Relationship Coach

​I have worked with hundreds of women and couples in IVF clinics across Dubai and Middle East. I have an M.A. in Counselling and have further trained at the Domar Center at Boston IVF, in providing psychological support and counselling to people going through infertility.

I have also trained as a Fertility Counsellor from British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA)  in the UK.


Most importantly - I too, have had my own journey with 8 years of infertility and multiple IVF treatments.

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How I can help you

Fertility and

IVF Counselling





Expecting Parents Support



Going through infertility and its treatments can feel deeply isolating and like an uphill climb. 


According to research, stress levels in women coping with infertility are as high as stress experienced when dealing with a life threatening disease.

Having someone on your team with empathy, expertise, experience -  professional and personal - can help.

Working with me, you will learn tools and techniques to help gain strength and calm.


Stories of Strength

“I truly feel that having Pri there as a Life Coach and Counselor would be of great help to women (and their husbands!) who are trying to conceive in this manner. It can be a lonely journey and having someone with so much knowledge and experience, to walk with you really helps.


Even if you have really good friends, no one really gets what you are going through.”

Lisa C. from Thailand

Currently pregnant

“In my prior IVF treatments when I did not know Priyanka, I was left feeling vulnerable and alone when it came to the anxiety around the cycle and the subsequent failure.


After sessions with Priyanka, I always feel like a big weight of anxiety has been lifted and now I have tools to incorporate in my daily routine.”

Katie C. from United Kingdom

Gave birth to healthy twins

“I met Priyanka, at a fertility clinic.


Meeting a doctor is one thing but having someone to talk to and listen to your personal problems is very helpful.


Priyanka’s help was invaluable as talking to my family, friends and husband had not helped me move in any direction! She got me unstuck!”

H.M. from Dubai 

Had a baby girl

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