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About Me


Priyanka Bhatia

Masters Degree in Counselling
Certified for Infertility Psychological Support at Domar Center, Boston IVF, USA

Trained Fertility Counsellor from British Infertility Counselling Association, UK
Professional Certified Life Coach through International Coaching Foundation, USA

When we decide its time for us to have baby, we expect it to happen quite easily and naturally, as we see happening for everyone around us. And when it doesn't, we are shocked, caught unawares and  unprepared for how to deal with this. I too, have had my own journey with 8 years of infertility and multiple IVF treatments. I am one of you, I get this heart wrenching journey we are on!

I am also a Counsellor and a ICF Certified Life Coach (P.C.C.) , who has worked in the Dubai and UAE region for over decade . As I went through IVF with my husband I realised how few emotional support professionals in this region have infertility related education, expertise and experience. 

I  trained specifically in providing psychological support and mind-body interventions for infertility with the world renowned Domar Center at Boston IVF. I also trained as a Fertility Counsellor from British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) - the only professional infertility counselling Association recognised by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and the British Fertility Society in the UK.

Subsequently,  I have worked at a highly acclaimed fertility clinic as a Fertility Counsellor and Coach in U.A.E. and I have supported 100s of women and couples on their IVF in Dubai for completing their family individually, with couples and women in support group.

My Philosophy

Working with me is not a one size fits all.


As we work together, I understand your individual (or couple) strengths & needs and tailor my approach to them. I draw on techniques from a number of orientations that are evidenced to be effective for people going through infertility. Some of them include: Person-Centered, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Mind-body techniques, Mindfulness based stress reduction therapy and Coaching techniques.

My training in grief and loss as well as Gottman couples work really helps creating a wholesome support for women and the couples facing this stressful time.

In working with me you get the wisdom, empathy, compassion and practicalities from my personal experiences gathered on my own journey.  I also draw upon the expertise and tools from my infertility related training and the experience at the fertility clinic supporting scores of couples. All of this informs me well on what an individual and a couple need during this testing time.

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