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Dreaded two week wait!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

The two weeks between your fertility treatment and pregnancy test are nerve-wracking. Here are some suggestions on surviving this trying time.

The "two-week wait" is the gaping space between the time you complete your fertility treatment and the time you come to the clinic to take your pregnancy test. The last few days of this wait can feel like eternity. Overwhelmingly, your mind is fixated on one question – “Am I pregnant?”

You become hyper-aware of every physical sensation and wonder if each one is your body's way of telling you whether or not you’re pregnant.

Here are some suggestions for not just surviving, but thriving during this trying time:

Nurture yourself

Since fertility treatments are stressful for both body and mind, your two-week wait is a perfect time to get plenty of rest and relaxation. You deserve it! Give yourself permission to take a nap or go to sleep early. Try gentle yoga or brisk walks in place of high impact exercise. Make sure your diet is nutritious and delicious. Nest externally by making certain you feel comfortable and safe in your home environment.

Pregnancy symptoms/ Home pregnancy tests

If you have any concerns about symptoms like spotting or not having any symptoms at all, please speak to your nurse or doctor about these. Having symptoms or a lack of them DO NOT indicate whether you are pregnant or not. Also know, an early home pregnancy test, may not be reliable, prevent an emotional roller-coaster, and wait for the more reliable and accurate blood test. And if you go ahead and do the home test, please do know that it may not be accurate.

Who do you tell?

Limit the number of people you tell about your cycle and let them know how you will share the outcome of the cycle. Some couples tell their family and friends, “No news is bad news,” to eliminate the need to call them with bad news.

Practice Relaxation techniques

Practice relaxation skills. These techniques help foster a sense of calm that seep into your day-to-day life and are particularly useful in hard moments such as when you are taking your stimulation injections, waiting for a phone call from the doctor, before egg collection and transfer. Reach out to me at the information below to learn some amazing relaxation techniques.

Distraction. Plan for it!

Plan for what you will be doing in your two-week wait before you transfer, so that you have a schedule in place to follow. Here are some ideas:

  • Engage in activities that are fun for you. Read books, watch movies, cook, exercise, paint, or take a class to learn something you always wanted.

  • Try to take time-out as a couple. Take a trip or go for walks together.

  • Spend time with others who make you feel good. You don’t have to talk about your treatment if you don’t want to, you may just want the company to just enjoy yourself.

Schedule for ‘Obsessing’ Time

Some women spend a lot of time checking on symptoms of early pregnancy or go online and spend hours reading blogs. Schedule a 15-minute window once a day and limit yourself to this time so you that you don’t spend the whole day, being consumed by it.

Reframe your thoughts

If you find yourself stuck on a cycle of thoughts, it can be useful to experiment with reframing. Notice the idea that you're stuck on. How can you frame it in a more neutral light? For example, if you're thinking ‘this test will be negative,’ reframe the thought to something more realistic– ‘I am open to the possibility of being pregnant’ or ‘it might have worked, I don't know yet.’ Reach out to me to learn how to stop your mind spinning with negative thoughts!

What you are feeling is understandable!

It is important to understand that this is a stressful period and it can feel like things are not in your control. Feeling stressed, anxious or impatient is an absolutely normal reaction. And no, stressing will not change the outcome of your result. Be gentle and kind with yourself, even when you see yourself worrying. If you need help with this, please reach out to me.

Get support from people

Having someone to talk to, can help you cope emotionally, especially when you feel alone or it seems overwhelming. This journey can become isolating, and it helps to have some support

  • Talk to some one who has been through this

  • Speak to a friend or family member that is a good listener

  • Join a fertility support group

  • Reach out to me at the information below to manage this time better

Plan the ‘result’ call

Consider where you want to be when you receive the news regarding the outcome of the cycle (place, with whom, what time), and decide who will take the call (you or your partner). If it is a positive or negative outcome, determine if and how you will share the news, who will be told, and when.

In case it is a negative outcome, organise to have someone with you around this time to talk, arrange with work to have time off (if you need it), or arrange for some time with your partner (being in nature, watching a movie, getting a take away dinner, whatever you might need)

Tell your partner what you will need if the news is negative

Do you want to be distracted and go out to eat or to a movie, or do you want to be left alone? Do you want to talk about the next steps in treatment or options, or wait a few days? Do you want to just be held and be together? Do you want to be shown the silver lining in this? Give your partner specifics on how you would like to be comforted- he may not know this on his own.

Protect yourself emotionally

if you know certain situation will be highly triggering for you, don't out yourself in those situations and plan accordingly. For example, don't plan to go on a dinner party given by your pregnant friend, the day you expect your pregnancy test result. However, remember not to too much of this, lest you isolate yourself completely. Find the right balance for you.

Please find my best wishes as you await this result!

The above tips are a few ways you could manage this time, if you need help with something in particular, please reach out to me. I have worked and trained with patients going through infertility, you will find the support you need with me.

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